About Us

Founded in 1996, our portfolio approach to supporting client requirements has grown to include: CEO, C-Suite and Board Advisory Services; Government Affairs Advocacy and Campaign Strategies; Profile Development with Policymakers; and, a full-service Communications Platform. The firm takes pride in its long-term energy, environment and related tax expertise.


Our service areas include political risk and profile management with a focus on advocacy and lobbying campaigns. We also offer strategic communications, through opinion research, digital platforms, media relations and grassroots operations. In addition, we provide CEO, C-Suite and Board advisory services program and business development support. Last but not least, we oversee profile development and management for companies seeking a new Washington presence.


Our strengths are managing advocacy campaigns in which business development and marketing strategies are enhanced—or threatened—by political or public policy drivers. We pride ourselves on being a “knowledge-based” firm that places a heavy emphasis on content, initiative, hustle, clear communications, and follow-through.

Briefly stated, our added value stems from three fundamentals:

  • A dominant expertise in the politics of energy and the environment.
  • A credo that who you know is the keyhole. What you know is the key.
  • A powerful commitment to service and an incomparable work ethic.

Best People: Best Practices

Lighthouse has expanded its reach by growing alliance relationships with top-tier colleagues in Washington. We call this a Best People: Best Practices approach to meeting client needs.

In 2011 we launched our alliance with communications power house Purple Strategies. In 2012 we began a collaboration with prominent energy and environment expert Richard Goodstein. More recently we added the boutique tax firm Urban, Swirski & Associates (USA) to our family of alliance firms.

This constellation of seasoned professionals allows us to provide clients with a seamless approach for managing both brand and advocacy objectives in today’s 24/7/365 political climate.

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"We came to Lighthouse in need of a utility outreach strategy and sound public policy advice. A year later, we had developed a portfolio of important industry/stakeholder relationships and public policy opportunities that are key to driving the future of distributed generation in the US."

– Major Power Sector Equipment Supplier