About Us

Founded in 1996, our portfolio approach to supporting client requirements has grown to include: CEO, C-Suite and Board Advisory Services; Government Affairs Advocacy and Campaign Strategies; Profile Development with Policymakers; and, Targeted Communications. The firm takes pride in its long-term energy and environment expertise.


Our service areas include political risk and profile management, with a focus on advocacy and lobbying campaigns. In addition, we provide CEO, C-Suite and Board advisory services program and business development support. Last but not least, we oversee profile development and management for companies seeking a new (or renewed!) Washington presence.


Our strengths are managing advocacy campaigns in which business development and marketing strategies are enhanced—or threatened—by political or public policy drivers. We pride ourselves on being a “knowledge-based” firm that places a heavy emphasis on content, initiative, hustle, clear communications, and follow-through.

Briefly stated, our added value stems from three fundamentals:

  • A dominant expertise in the politics of energy and the environment.
  • A credo that who you know is the keyhole. What you know is the key.
  • A powerful commitment to service and an incomparable work ethic.

Best People: Best Practices

Throughout our history, Lighthouse has expanded its reach by growing alliance relationships with top-tier colleagues in Washington. We call this a Best People: Best Practices approach to meeting client needs.

By way of example, we have worked with communications power house Purple Strategies, prominent energy and environment specialist & commentator Richard Goodstein, and tax policy experts Urban, Swirski & Associates (USA).

This constellation of seasoned professionals has allowed us to provide clients with a seamless approach for managing both brand and advocacy objectives in today’s 24/7/365 political climate.

“Lighthouse’s unique Government Affairs Assessment (GAA) tool helped transform US from a company still undergoing the stress of a merger to an organization with a “best-practices” approach to federal, state and local government affairs.”

– President and CEO of Major Electric Utility